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There is pressing need for new, life-giving sap to impart vigour to an asphyxiating theoretical structure whose philosophy, research, and practice no longer seems aligned with our times. The advanced and demanding society in which we live is no longer satisfied with the domination, for a limited time, of any disease by using the knowledge of physics and chemistry.

About Dr. Tullio Simoncini

tullio-simonciniTullio Simoncini is a roman doctor specialising in oncology, diabetology and in metabolic disorders. He has a strong opposition to any type of intellectual conformity, which is often based on suppositions without foundation or worse, on lies and falsities. read-more

Anti fungal therapy with sodium bicarbonate

fb-img-nahco3My methods have cured people for 20 years. Many of my patients recovered completely from cancer, even in cases where official oncology had given up. The best way to try to eliminate a tumour is to bring it into contact with sodium bicarbonate, as closely as possible, i.e. using oral administration, enemas, douching, intravenous injection, and inhalation. read-more

Candida Albicans

fungus-1Tumors are perceived as one phenomenon. Tumors are one phenomenon, but there are many types. Why?
According to official views that see genetic alteration at the basis of neoplastic development, it is possible that the alteration can manifest itself in any environment with all possible typological differentiations. read-more

Cancer is fungus

mitochondriaGenetics, the battle horse of modern oncology, is about to give up the ghost, together with its endless explanations based on enzymatic and receptor processes. Actually, it has already failed – it is just that no one can think of anything else that can take its place. read more

treatment protocols


Please be advised that for type of treatments requiring only dropping, whashing, drinking and for psoriasis or skin cancer the supervision of a doctor is indicated. For other type of cancer the involvement of a doctor is mandatory. see all protocols

sodium bicarbonate

sodium bicarbonate therapy

Theoretically, if treatments that put the fungus in direct contact with high bicarbonate concentrations could be found, we should be able to see a regression of the tumoral masses. sodium bicarbonate therapy

book cancer is a fungus

my book Cancer is a Fungus

The book Cancer is a Fungus describes how a fungous infection always forms the basis of every neoplastic formation, and this formation tries to spread within the whole organism without stopping. the book cancer is a fungus