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Cancer Research

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Cancer research

In tissue science all that is described is how tissue tries to protect itself against a fungal attack. If a fungus ‘eats’ tissue, the tissue makes extra cells to fight the invasion. For example, if the Candida is in the liver a hepatocarcinoma is formed. In the brains such an invasion leads to a glioblastoma, and in the bronchi to a mesothelioma.
There is no question of abnormal cell division. It is a defense mechanism. This is the essence of the matter and therefore the essence of research into cancer.

Abnormal cell division

Abnormal cell division has nothing to do with the occurrence of tumors. Abnormal cell division is a myth. A hypothesis which has no basis in solid research.
The theory of abnormal cell division has existed for more than a hundred years but is not supported by scientific research, while the negative consequences are enormous: every year 8.5 million people die from cancer, and more then 1.5 million men and women get the message “you have cancer” in the USA alone.*

grayfield-cancer-1Amazingly we still do not know precisely what cancer is. And that is what is the worst: after a hundred years of cancer research the real cause of cancer has still not been found. The cell divisions are a reaction to the extreme pressure that makes the tissue capable of withstanding the fungal invasion.
The cells grow in order to fight the fungi. They divide to resist the invasion, but they are not the cause of cancer.

Media and facts

More than eight million people die of cancer every year**. Experiments are carried out and they are reported briefly in the news but all these newsflashes that appear every three or four months have not led to one single result.

media-factsWe must open our eyes and become conscious of the fact that what we see on TV and read in the papers are largely lies dictated by the authorities. They only let what we are allowed to hear be shown. We must make people conscious that what we get to hear via radio and television is manipulated information.

We must get physicians so far that they admit that they are cooperating in spreading wrongful information in the field of oncology.
Only physicians know enough about oncology to condemn the existing theories to the waste bin. They are the ones who must make the effort to find an effective medicine with which this evil can be fought.

* datasheet cancer.org 2013
** data WHO Globocan dec. 2013



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