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Cancer - the solution

Destroy the fungal colonies. They cause cancer. But not with the usual medication. I have achieved excellent results myself by administering sodium bicarbonate by bringing it in direct contact with the fungus. These results are also reported in my book “Cancer is a fungus”.

fb-img-nahco3Unfortunately, so much is being wasted at the present time, while it is really only a question of becoming aware. We must ask for help from the pharmaceutical industry from eminent scientists, and from physicians. We must succeed in finding an effective medicine.
But most important is that this medicine will be the solution for the disease from which so many people die.

New anti-fungal medicines

I am convinced that there will be new medicines in the future that will be able to combat the fungus effectively.
This is a task for the pharmaceutical industry. As far as that is concerned they are the future. The most effective substance for combating the fungus is at present sodium bicarbonate. It must be used in the correct dosage as deep as possible in the tissues so that it can come directly in contact with the fungal colonies. The sodium bicarbonate must come in direct contact with the tissue.
But the most important thing is that we understand properly what the fundament of every new medicine must be: the real enemy of cancer is a fungus.

Unite and coöperate

We must surrender to the evidence that contemporary oncology is incapable of giving us the answers and the necessary therapy to those who are cancer patients and that, therefore, it is our moral and ethical obligation to try to find the correct solution for the gravest and most painful disease of our time.

The fungin infection theory and the cases we have presented represent a new way of perceiving tumoral diseases by rejecting the myth of the genetic causality of cancer. In my opinion, the fungin theory is the only successful logical option today.
Furthermore, when considering that the successes and the recoveries we have described have been obtained by operating in a non-continuous and unfavorable manner, it is legitimate to assume that with appropriate structures and equipment, the results could become extraordinary and could give back the hope of life to hundreds of thousands of people in the world.



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